"Hillbilly Jedi" You might think "What kind of band name is that?" Well, it's unique, as is the band. All 4 members have been playing/singing for many years, always striving to improve our craft. The love and passion for playing music is what drives this band to give you, the audience, the best show possible, whether it be on a big stage at a festival, or a small indoor venue that holds 50 people. We are able to mix up our song lists to fit what the people in attendance want to hear and experience. We might go from a classic hard rocker to a Motown dance tune, followed by a nice, slow dance song, all to keep YOU, the audience, having a great time. We take great pride and go to extreme lengths to make sure our sound is on cue, and the volume fits the venue. Three-part harmonies dominate many of our song selections. We might sprinkle in 2 or 3 original tunes into the show at times as well. Bottom line is this: If you want to hire a versatile, well-rehearsed, professional group for your event, PLEASE consider us. Check out the links to our Media and Booking & Rates tabs on this website, and give one of us a call.